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enjoy, dearest reader, the first glimpses of the original illustrations created by british artist adam oehlers for Jacob – A Denouement in One Act

meet Jacob Marley, seated at his desk, left to count his infernal coins over and over for eternity…or so he thinks….

Marley’s Perdition by Adam Oehlers

Now, who would have ever known a white and skittish head cloth to fly off like a bat, dotty as had it tumbled headfirst into Pan’s bath…”

Marley’s Bandage by Adam Oehlers

social media and technology are ripe with addictive ills, but bringing together the global arts community is a true up-side for artists and art lovers alike. in that spirit, an email correspondence between kimann and adam ensued after kimann discovered adam’s work on instagram. an author-illustrator partnership was formed. Jacob would, like its venerable predecessor, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, be granted a similar, memorable visuality through a set of illustrations commissioned just for it. and there are more to come….


serendipitous indeed, is this evolving collaboration with adam oehlers. shown below, is a screen shot of the older “scrooge” illustration that, the moment kimann discovered it, was destined to become a part of the schultz family art collection. already a fan of oehlers’ work, kimann knew that adam was the artist for Jacob. this is the “scrooge” started it all: