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Have you ever wondered: What about poor, old Jacob Marley?

Then, this story is for you….

Jacob by Kimann Schultz, evolved from a poem of the same name, written & posted back in December of 2014

An early & preliminary version of the novel Jacob was shared via the site previously called Huffington Post, where Kimann blogged for 5 years, in December 2017, in four consecutive posts, or staves, beginning on St Nicholas Day & finalizing on Christmas Eve, with an alternate ending posted on New Year’s Eve

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Huffington Post locations for the 2017 edition are:

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave I

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave II

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave Final

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act,  Stave Final, Alternate Ending

December 2017 entry, updated February, 2019 and April 2019

Dearest Reader:

While this story remains for anyone who may ever have wondered, “What about poor, old Jacob Marley?”, the “other” alternate ending is for anyone who, like me, recognizes the parallels between Dickens’ masterpiece and Sci-Fi classics, where time travel and alternate universes are tapped and outcomes are explored, which cannot help but to illuminate possible, additional aspects to even such as the rest of this story; for, thanks to the infinite realms that are our universe and the creativity we possess, everything remains possible.

A Christmas Carol is a ghost story and a Christmas story, but it could also be considered Science Fiction’s best-loved ancestor.

As free speech advocate and champion of freedom of creative expression, I have chosen to exercise my right to express creatively, in this case via a deeply-held personal literary project of mine, which now exists to speak for my beliefs as citizen and parent.

Amidst the all-too-common dystopian entertainment themes out there, I share JACOB as a messenger of positive & even optimistic intent, built upon a platform to help foster pro-active aspiration within a climate of forgiveness, where the acknowledgment of our universal proclivity to err as humans unites rather than divides us, & where our ability to carve out paths to redemption & resolution ultimately unite and carry us forward – individually & together.

I like to say: The Arts are a Bridge between Man and Mankind.