dickens dedication

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my 2013 collection of original poems, entitled Rugs on Puddles Coats over Oceans, available at Amazon.com, has as its first poem one dedicated to charles dickens

& so, here it is:


I like it when the light recedes

When day wanes

And night beckons

And habitual traffic gives way to paths less charted

I like it when the dark is near.

I think my eyes are failing me

As sure as the years are hailing me

The sun is crass

And overrated

By shadows caressed

The stark evaded

I prefer the bulb

The flame

The screen illuminated

Attendant to my hov’ring hands

In that momentary, pregnant pause

Before tomes

And poems are vented

Rendered from the gut, the endocept

Made firm to stand against

A firmament

Filled with non-readers




Dogma may once have burned

To heart

To sage

Unfortunate mankind-kindled ages

With Fate’s scissors turned and trimmed

To air

To dust

To selective memory and complacence.

The victor, for worse or for the better,

Takes by force the privilege,

It is he who turns the pages;

I’ll do lyrics

And verses

And stories and studies

In prayerful, audacious literary homage

To Dickens and his purpose and his beauteous narratives

So that the chains which bind me

(And all that I will ever leave undone)

To this earth and my paltry place in time

Will not forever drag on and on

Nor forever drag me down.

May my words,

To mine who know me yet not,

Redeem me and place me and seal me.

3-5-2012/2-14-2013* *dates of writes & re-writes of poem