Jacob – A Denouement in One Act

Jacob is now available for pre-sale at IBJ Publishing – click here to buy!

Soon also at Amazon!

If you have wondered,

What ever happened to poor, old Jacob Marley?

Then, this story is for you….

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act is Jacob Marley’s “Rest of the Story,” a tale of redemption, friendship & great, good cheer

Jacob travels over time & space, backwards & forwards, to sew up loose ends & answer questions about Ebenezer Scrooge’s erstwhile partner & ghostly visitor, serving as both homage & denouement to Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, A Christmas Story

A novel written in the style of a screenplay, Jacob is envisioned as an illustrated, print edition & e-book, & not too far down the road, as a motion picture film and/or stage production; perhaps even as a musical….

British Artist Adam Oehlers has been commissioned to provide illustrations for this story, a serendipitous collaboration, to be sure – check out the illustrations posted at this site

Stay tuned, dearest reader, there is much in the works….

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act, by Kimann Schultz, all rights reserved


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