Jacob – A Denouement in One Act

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2019 Holiday Season availability: Black Dog Books in Zionsville | the Kurt Vonnegut Museum Library downtown Indy | the Indianapolis Museum of Art Gift Shop at Newfields | the Indiana Repertory Theater in downtown Indy | Indy Reads Books at 911 Mass Ave downtown Indy. Watch for 2020 locations, coming soon!

If you have ever wondered, “What happened to poor, old Jacob Marley?” this story is for you.

JACOB taps the powers of friendship, redemption & great, good cheer to tell Jacob Marley’s rest of the story. Traveling over time & space, JACOB sews up loose ends & answers questions about Ebenezer Scrooge’s erstwhile partner & ghostly visitor, serving as an homage and denouement to Charles Dickens’ beloved classic, A Christmas Carol. A novel crafted as a story-within-a-story, JACOB is a hardback, cloth-bound first edition, beautifully illustrated by British artist Adam Oehlers, a serendipitous collaboration, to be sure – check out the illustrations posted at this site.

Jacob in all its stages & incarnations is protected by copyright, register & filings with the Library of Congress, 2014-2019, all rights reserved Dakeha Taunus LLC Kimann Schultz